Brawny® #Strengthhasnogender Limited Edition Packaging in support & celebration of Women’s History Month.

The Brawny Strength Has No Gender concept was a result of continued debate about gender equality in the workplace.
In 2016, the Brawny brand team joined the discussion with a successful #strengthhasnogender social media campaign. For 2017, the brand expanded the campaign into packaging, focusing on breaking gender stereotypes by replacing the Brawny giant with a strong woman in Brawny plaid.


In 2017 #strengthhasnogender was activated on store shelves, via a limited edition package that brought the same response as the initial social media campaign, increasing consumer loyalty and brand value. The design supported the Brawny positioning of strength and resilience, while reminding buyers that these have always been female attributes.

For the month of March, the Brawny Giant steps aside to honor Women’s History Month.



In 2018 the #strengthhasnogender campaign highlighted the strength and resilience of women all around us, by asking “Who’s Your Shero?” The package designed for Wal-Mart for Women’s History Month in 2017 rolled out nationally while Wal-Mart featured their own exclusive new version of the SHNG package. CMA presented variations of the theme to distinguish it from the previous year.

Final selected designs: The lower left design appeared on retail shelves nationwide.
Exclusive Wal-Mart packaging featured images of models chosen to represent diverse, mature, strong women.


2019 was the third consecutive year the Brawny  “Strength Has No Gender” campaign rolled out to celebrate Women’s History month.

The limited edition packaging developed by CMA for the campaign showcases girls and older women, underlining the point that breaking down gender barriers is a job for all ages.