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Diet Coke “It’s Mine” Promotional Package

In mid 2015, Diet Coke called on CMA to help develop a special package-centered marketing effort using a new printing technology which allows millions of unique labels to be created from a single piece of detailed art.

CMA began work on our patterns in a parallel timeline with the Diet Coke marketing team’s other efforts, so our designs were ready to help inspire the ad agency, Droga 5, in creating the “It’s Mine” campaign.

To deliver the message that Diet Coke is giving its loyal fans something no one else can have, the packaging effort took advantage of an innovative variable data algorithm for HP Indigo printing presses which can create millions of unique label variations from a single piece of original art. The result: like the fans of Diet Coke, no two are the same.

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The process began with the careful creation of base designs, composed as complete hand-drawn artworks in full, yet created with enough detail to preserve interest at a high magnification. These color field compositions, while abstract, still captured specific brand touchpoints: bubbles, fizz, product color, the crackle of ice, enhanced by rich jewel tones chosen to compliment Diet Coke silver.





DKOIM 004a



In addition to the Diet Coke 12-ounce glass bottles, a select number of patterns also will be available on 7.5-ounce mini-cans, 8.5-ounce aluminum bottles, 12-ounce and 16- ounce cans and 500 mL and 20-ounce PET bottles.

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The design staff at CMA joyfully turned out in full force for this project, working overtime and weekends, competing for pride and bragging rights to create the most popular base designs. Nine individual designers contributed to the final total of 36 base designs; they can now be found roaming the aisles of various retailers, exclaiming “It’s Mine!”