Ignite Grilling Accessories

Base 4, a Texas-based consumer products company engaged CMA to develop a comprehensive branding program for their barbecue accessories line, including brand positioning, naming, logo/brand assets design, and packaging.

CMA started the task by determining the brand’s positioning through the use of a model that focused on four anchoring points: core target, frame of reference, point of difference and reasons for consumers to believe.

With the positioning clearly set, CMA pushed forward with the naming portion of the project by generating hundreds of names based on relevant brand attributes. That initial exploration was edited down to a dozen or two leading candidates that were presented to the client and after thorough reflection and consideration, the name Ignite was chosen.

The next stage of the project consisted of creating a logo that would give a visual personality to the brand.

CMA started with some loose sketches to quickly get some creative ideas on paper. After that, more “fleshed-out” designs were created and presented to the client.

Once the design direction was chosen CMA worked out the details in refining the look.

With the positioning, naming and logo portions of the project already established, CMA started to work on a visual identity for the packaging line that would be in alignment with the overall strategy. Several options were presented.


After a scheduled round of further development and refinement, CMA finalized the design.