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Since 2003 CMA has worked on the NatureSweet Brand and other branded produce.

NatureSweet’s highly disciplined growing processes help to produce a consistently sweet tomato superior to the competition in both grocery and club channels.

NatureSweet tomatoes are distributed at retail and club channels throughout the US. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the company’s customers include Kroger, SAMS CLUB, Wal-Mart, Super Target, Whole Foods, and Safeway.




CMA created a proprietary structure for NatureSweet Cherubs® sweet grape tomatoes which helped Cherubs surpass NatureSweet cherry tomatoes in sales to become the flagship product for the brand.


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Jubilees are the NatureSweet tomatoes ideally sized for slicing.

As a variety of brand names were considered, we developed structures to clearly communicate intended use, and to show off and protect the superior produce.


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This structure had to have the same functional aspects as the Cherubs pack, while helping to bring the ‘sweet golden snack’ positioning of Sunbursts to life.


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NatureSweet display shippers

CMA designed a set of palletized display shippers for NatureSweet club store channels. A wave of bright color helps differentiate each branded variety, with usage suggested by illustrations.


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Structural Design

CMA has worked with NatureSweet for years to create distinctive package structures for all of their branded produce sold at retail.

The iconic salad bowl structure CMA developed for Cherubs Tomatoes is unique in shape, elevates the tomatoes for display at retail, allows for both protection and ventilation in transit, can be opened and closed easily by the consumer and facilitates washing like a colander. This package design helped make Cherubs the best-selling branded tomatoes in the USA.


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