Odwalla 001


Odwalla Juices

CMA was asked to enhanced the brand’s communication of fruit-centered nutrition to the natural health beverage category. The bright new graphics featuring luscious fruit ingredients, the taller and clearer PET bottle, and the subtly pearlized polypropylene label material itself embody the emotional lift experienced by an Odwalla drinker.

Odwalla 002



Odwalla Smootbucha

Odwalla’s growing portfolio is based on bringing health and wellness trends to consumers seeking better food alternatives. Odwalla recognized beneficial culture-based drinks as a perfect opportunity to create a bridge for people who have been either intimidated to try Kombucha or are turned off by its vinegary taste. In 2019 Odwalla introduced Smoobucha, a unique blend of flavor and function that combines the benefit of the Kombucha culture with the flavor profile of a fruit smoothie. Being a first-of-it’s-kind offering for Odwalla, the package design had to stay true to the brand’s mission to nourish the body and soul while delivering its own unique proposition. CMA’s final design included graphic elements that evoke the Northeastern Asian beginnings of Kombucha in order to communicate a grander story and set the sub-line apart from the rest of the Odwalla family.