Redford Naturals Dog Food

Redford Naturals is a line of all natural dog food created by Michigan-based Pet Supplies Plus. 

The line includes duck, lamb and chicken protein varieties, grain free and with-grain options, a puppy formula and adult formula.  Redford Naturals brings dog food back to the dog’s ancestral daily quest for wild game.

CMA designed the Redford Naturals line to dramatize the brand’s connection with the wild environment and our pet dogs’ dietary link to their wolflike ancestors. A subtle Michigan map in the primary panel background gives a nod to Pet supplies Plus company history. Brightly colored flavor indicators leap off the subtle black and gray backgrounds to ease in-store flavor selection. Because the 24 and 28lb bags are stacked on shelf with only the ends facing out, special care was taken
to optimize end panel communication.Redford001

Redford002 redford003