Uncle Ervin’s Premium Texas Beef jerky

Based out of Wharton, Texas, Uncle Ervin’s Premium Jerky have been smoking meats since 1985. The company contacted CMA to create retail packaging for their world-class jerky where small batches of carefully selected beef are smoked over real wood and combined with bold sidekick ingredients to produce a jerky that has a perfectly spiced beef flavor.

To stand out against the competition, CMA’s approach was to create an impactful brand blocking through the use of bright colors against a black background in a stylish design that avoids “crowding the space” and allows for the brand’s personality and product attributes to push forward.

The window on the front of the package re-affirms the consumer that the carefully selected cuts of beef inside the package are definitely a high-quality product. 


The star of the show however, is undoubtedly Mr. Ervin Herzik Jr., or as he’s better known in Wharton, Texas, ‘Uncle Ervin’. CMA created an “etching-style” portrait that is as much of a centerpiece to the packaging as he embodies the spirit of the brand. This graphic element along with the  typographic treatment are used not only on the packaging but in all marketing-related materials. 


The back of the package tells the true story of the beginnings of the brand as well as showing the original smokehouse where it all began.

The final product resulted in a clean, bold and distinguished line of products that truly represent the company’s offering: a beef jerky that is ‘Real Meat. Real Flavor. Real Good’.