Aquasana 001


Aquasana® Active Powered Water Filtration System

Aquasana is an established producer of top-rated whole-house water filtration systems. When the company decided to introduce a counter top filter system, they invited CMA to work with their multi-functional research and marketing strategy team to make sure their packaging communicated a meaningful product difference.

Aquasana’s powered system provides superior filtration and speed compared with the gravity-feed drip filters predominant in the space, so the strategic team focused on those benefits, creating Aquasana Active as a new brand for their smaller filter systems.

Aquasana 002

The new packaging graphics bring the Aquasana Active positioning to life as The Clean Water Machine. Product photography presents the sleek design of the countertop filter system in action on the face panel, with a side panel view of the unit’s slim 4.5″ footprint. A bright violator features the promise of 96% filtration of all harmful contaminants, including pharmaceuticals and heavy metals.
Side and back panels present further benefits of the system in a series of easy to read infographics, to handle that communication in an efficient way and with a touch of fun.

Aquasana 004