Dockers Shoes Packaging

The Dockers brand, launched in 1984 by Levi Strauss & Co., established the concept of ‘casual Friday’ work attire. The world leader in khaki pants, the brand’s maritime name originates from the headquarters location on San Francisco Bay. 
The Dockers Footwear brand launched as a licensed product line in 1992, made by Genesco. Dockers footwear is the #2 brand of mens’ non-athletic footwear in the U.S. (#1 dress, #6 casual).


Fashion brands like Dockers are continuously updated and extended. These updates had resulted in competing features, unclear benefits, and cluttered messaging. Dockers shoes were shelved beside other brands of lesser quality, but were undermined by their mixed bag of cheap-looking, easily crushed packaging.



CMA determined that the line could be simplified and reduced to a single two-piece box structure, which would help solve the structural problem that was causing too many crushed boxes.
CMA solved the clutter problem by proposing a single label combining shoe imagery, name, size, features, and other manufacturer information with the UPC code in a single adhesive label integrated into the overall box design.

Many of CMA’s proposed designs offered the use of a variety of grommets and rope handles to increase in-store visibility .


The final production packaging emerged after design refinements were made to the chosen design and a manufacturing test performed to troubleshoot any production issues.


The labeling system works across approximately 250 individual shoe models (accounting for variations in color and fabric) in 40 styles and 15-20 collections.