Coca-Cola Global Kid’s Juices

Coca-Cola’s Global Juices design managers in Atlanta approached CMA to create a visual identity system for  worldwide juice and juice drink brands for kids.

We were challenged to create a distinctive design that would work on the smaller single-serve packs used in most global markets. A successful solution would maintain its character beneath a wide variety of brand marks, keep the focus on delicious fruit, and appeal to kids in a friendly and approachable way.

The core of the design is a family of friendly animals composed of photographic fruit pieces, featuring the fruit contents of each drink. As new countries and regions adopt the system for their kids’ juice products, we continue to create region-specific animals for the local marketing groups, using the locally specified fruit contents.

MM Global Kids 001


MM Global Kids 002 MM Global Kids 003



MM Global Kids 003a

One fun sign of success for a design system at Coca-Cola: it’s translated into a set of kids’ dishes for sale at the Coca-Cola store.

MM Global Kids 004