Minute Maid Coolers

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  Minute Maid® Coolers Minute Maid Coolers are designed to fit kids lunch boxes and satisfy kids on-the-go. The drinks provide a full supply of Vitamin C and are made with natural ingredients. To reflect these qualities we created package graphics focused on refreshment, taste appeal and fun to attract moms and kids alike. We used… Read more »

Coca-Cola Global Kids Juices

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Coca-Cola Global Kid’s Juices Coca-Cola’s Global Juices design managers in Atlanta approached CMA to create a visual identity system for  worldwide juice and juice drink brands for kids. We were challenged to create a distinctive design that would work on the smaller single-serve packs used in most global markets. A successful solution would maintain its… Read more »

Moya Semya Mors

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Moya Semya (My Family) Mors Mors or morse is a traditional Russian drink made with diluted, sweetened berry juices, primarily cranberry. Nidan Juices, a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Moscow, approached CMA to create a design within global Coca-Cola standards that also celebrated Russian heritage and tradition. The final designs are centered on a set of decorative arrangements… Read more »

Minute Maid Drops

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Minute Maid Drops Launched in early 2014, Minute Maid Drops introduced real fruit juice flavors to the liquid water enhancer category. Leveraging the Minute Maid Refreshment visual identity system which CMA developed, the packs clearly communicate refreshing taste appeal from real fruit. The small Minute Maid Drops concentrate bottles are presented on shelf in plastic… Read more »