Tenure Vodka

CMA Brand Presence and Design has developed a painterly package design featuring a window into the English countryside for Tenure English Vodka, a new brand from the Sazerac Company.
Named for the medieval practice of tenure, which granted farmers the right to work lands owned by King or nobles, Tenure Vodka is produced with grain grown on those very lands, distilled by master distillers who have been perfecting their craft for over 250 years.
The bottles were given a soft textural feel with acid etching, with a back label affixed to create the panoramic vista of an idyllic English landscape. Tissue wrapping and a decorative outer canister help to cradle the precious contents and reaffirm the premium nature of the brand.
The scene depicted in the bottle art is a view of Arundel Castle in West Sussex,
a notable English estate founded by the Norman lord Roger de Montgomery in 1068. It has been the principal seat of the Duke of Norfolk for more than 400 years. In the tradition of humorous British puzzle illustration, a number of historic English icons are incorporated within the scene for the curious to discover.


We’re proud to be chosen to assist the Sazerac Company as they celebrate England’s time-honored traditions and demand for perfection with Tenure brand
English vodka.