Southern Comfort

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The cocktail that became Southern Comfort was invented in 1874 by bartender Martin Wilkes Heron while working at McCauley’s Tavern, New Orleans. Heron would start with a good quality bourbon, then add vanilla bean,  a quarter lemon, half a cinnamon stick, four cloves, a few cherries, and a bit of orange. He would let this soak… Read more »

Handy & Schiller Signature Cocktails

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Handy & Schiller Barrel Aged Signature Cocktails Exclusively from The Sazerac Company, these Old Fashioned and Manhattan pre-mixed cocktails are blended perfectly then aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Sazerac Rye barrels to impart an additional smooth, oaky flavor.   The Handy & Schiller brand was named in honor of two founding personalities of the Sazerac… Read more »

Tenure Vodka

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  Tenure Vodka CMA Brand Presence and Design has developed a painterly package design featuring a window into the English countryside for Tenure English Vodka, a new brand from the Sazerac Company.   Named for the medieval practice of tenure, which granted farmers the right to work lands owned by King or nobles, Tenure Vodka is produced with grain… Read more »

Platinum 7X Vodka

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  Platinum 7X Vodka Platinum 7X is a seven-times distilled super premium vodka which was initially introduced in a distinctive dark blue glass bottle. CMA was asked to refine and sharpen the focus of both label and bottle structure to increase the appeal to a bold, dynamic male target. The bottle shoulders were raised and… Read more »

Lucent Vodka

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  Lucent Vodka Lucent is a mid-priced vodka produced by the Sazerac Company for sale at Restaurant Depot, a club store focused on the restaurant and bar trade. The design brief specified a look that was light, bright, modern, and easily extended into flavored vodkas. The selected design features clean blue and silver branding with… Read more »

Legacy Canadian Whisky

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    Legacy Canadian Whisky The brief was to create a Canadian Whisky brand based on the product’s Alberta origins. We considered several animal icons, settling on the sparrowhawk, an Alberta native. The bird perches on a length of barbed wire, evoking Alberta’s cattle ranching culture. Canadian mountain scenery on the inside of the back… Read more »

Tequila Corazón de Agave Expresiones

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Tequila Corazón de Agave Expresiones Tequila Corazón launched its inventive Expresiones del Corazón line by aging a sophisticated Los Altos blanco tequila in the barrels of some of the Sazerac Company’s star products: George T. Stagg, Sazerac Rye, Old Rip Van Winkle, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Sazerac worked with CMA to create a set of… Read more »