Coca-Cola Taste of Italy

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  Coca-Cola Taste of Italy labels. Kroger was running a multi-year series of Savor World Flavor events, to inspire shoppers to try new and unique cuisines from across the world. Coca-Cola was asked to help lead the Kroger Taste of Italy event with a limited edition set of bottles. CMA created designs for 20oz. bottle… Read more »

Aquasana Active

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  Aquasana® Active Powered Water Filtration System Aquasana is an established producer of top-rated whole-house water filtration systems. When the company decided to introduce a counter top filter system, they invited CMA to work with their multi-functional research and marketing strategy team to make sure their packaging communicated a meaningful product difference. Aquasana’s powered system… Read more »

Minute Maid Coolers

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  Minute Maid® Coolers Minute Maid Coolers are designed to fit kids lunch boxes and satisfy kids on-the-go. The drinks provide a full supply of Vitamin C and are made with natural ingredients. To reflect these qualities we created package graphics focused on refreshment, taste appeal and fun to attract moms and kids alike. We used… Read more »

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

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HI-C® Ecto Cooler™ When Hi-C Ecto Cooler was introduced in 1987 as a tie-in to the Ghostbusters™ film franchise, the drink became a cultural hit. Young Ghostbusters fans enjoyed Ecto Cooler for more than a decade after the production of Ghostbusters II in 1989. Now in 2016 those same fans are eagerly anticipating the release of… Read more »

Diet Coke “It’s Mine” Packaging

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  Diet Coke “It’s Mine” Promotional Package In mid 2015, Diet Coke called on CMA to help develop a special package-centered marketing effort using a new printing technology which allows millions of unique labels to be created from a single piece of detailed art. CMA began work on our patterns in a parallel timeline with… Read more »


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The RiceTec Company was founded to develop superior hybrid rice seed for large scale rice farmers around the world. One result of their interest in maintaining a diverse rice germplasm collection is the regular commercial scale production of specialty rice for the consumer market, sold under the brand name RiceSelect. CMA was asked to refresh… Read more »

HEB Solutions

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HEB Solutions Sunscreen San Antonio’s HEB Grocery Company, with more than 350 stores in Texas and Mexico, has its own in-house design team that produces the majority of their own brand packaging. Occasionally they will reach out to CMA with a special project. HEB asked us to create a sub-brand name and design for their… Read more »