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  Odwalla Juices CMA was asked to enhanced the brand’s communication of fruit-centered nutrition to the natural health beverage category. The bright new graphics featuring luscious fruit ingredients, the taller and clearer PET bottle, and the subtly pearlized polypropylene label material itself embody the emotional lift experienced by an Odwalla drinker.     Odwalla Smootbucha… Read more »

Platinum 7X Vodka

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  Platinum 7X Vodka Platinum 7X is a seven-times distilled super premium vodka which was initially introduced in a distinctive dark blue glass bottle. CMA was asked to refine and sharpen the focus of both label and bottle structure to increase the appeal to a bold, dynamic male target. The bottle shoulders were raised and… Read more »

Remedy Natural Pain Relief

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Thermionics ReMEDy Natural Pain Relief These bandages, originally created by a French physician, combine two types of therapy: compression and a time-release analgesic embedded in a polymer matrix. The washable elastic fabric is reusable for up to 30 days. Thermionics asked CMA to develop a brand name and packaging for the U.S. market.To stand out… Read more »

Lucent Vodka

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  Lucent Vodka Lucent is a mid-priced vodka produced by the Sazerac Company for sale at Restaurant Depot, a club store focused on the restaurant and bar trade. The design brief specified a look that was light, bright, modern, and easily extended into flavored vodkas. The selected design features clean blue and silver branding with… Read more »


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Fanta The Fanta brand global update created a bold, youthful, simplified target logo, supported by playful stylized graphic elements which combined to deliver the optimistic, fruitful essence of the brand. However, consumer testing for the US revealed the new design underperformed in purchase intent versus the older design. CMA was asked to make some adjustments… Read more »

Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers Weight Watchers launched their 360º weight-loss program with a starkly clean, modern visual system applied to broadcast ads, digital, in-house magazine, and store interiors. CMA was commissioned to adapt the new system for a more ownable, branded look for Weight Watchers packaging applications. We designed and produced packaging for products exclusively sold in-meeting… Read more »

Van’s Natural Foods

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Van’s Natural Foods Shelf Stable Line Van’s is committed to producing seriously healthy, seriously tasty food, proudly proclaiming its clean and healthy ingredients. CMA was originally assigned to express this clean, healthy positioning in a complete redesign of Van’s frozen waffles line.   Three years later, Van’s launched an expansion of their business into shelf-stable snack… Read more »

Full Throttle

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Full Throttle Energy Drinks The Full Throttle brand was introduced with a design crafted to appeal to a working class male, using design cues from tattoo art and custom motorcycle paint jobs. The quick success of the line led to extensions into Unleaded (sugar free) Fury (with Taurine) Mother (with ginseng and guarana) and Blue… Read more »

Coca-Cola Global Kids Juices

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Coca-Cola Global Kid’s Juices Coca-Cola’s Global Juices design managers in Atlanta approached CMA to create a visual identity system for  worldwide juice and juice drink brands for kids. We were challenged to create a distinctive design that would work on the smaller single-serve packs used in most global markets. A successful solution would maintain its… Read more »

Moya Semya Mors

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Moya Semya (My Family) Mors Mors or morse is a traditional Russian drink made with diluted, sweetened berry juices, primarily cranberry. Nidan Juices, a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Moscow, approached CMA to create a design within global Coca-Cola standards that also celebrated Russian heritage and tradition. The final designs are centered on a set of decorative arrangements… Read more »